Call for nominations for the 2020 IWA Young Leadership Award is open.

Nominations are open to everyone, but the nominee must meet the Eligibility Criteria. All applications are made on a confidential basis. Nominations must be submitted via the IWA’s platform.
IWA is committed to recognising the special contributions and achievements of its members and water sector professionals, and the invaluable contribution they make to key innovations in water science and management.
The IWA Awards recognise the broad range of excellence, leadership and innovation, which IWA members and network participants bring to both our Association, and the industry at large, and exist to encourage the continued role of innovation in contributing to the sustainable management of water. As such they are an important element of IWAs theory of change articulated in our Strategic Plan.
IWA Awards aim to become a vehicle through which IWA encourages and rewards innovation and sets international benchmarks for innovative thinking, and application of solutions for wise water management and practice.
The Young Leadership Award receives a trophy and certificate at The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition – in front of an audience of water leaders from around the world. She or he will be introduced to IWA Leadership Committees (IWA Board, Strategic Council, Governing Member Committees, Emerging Water Leaders Steering Committee) during the President’s Dinner before the start of the World Water Congress & Exhibition.
It is an extraordinary opportunity to be profiled and introduced to the IWA network and being known as the IWA Young Leadership Award Winner 2020 forever. The position of IWA Young Leader Ambassador, throughout a tenure of 2 years. encourages more young water professionals to get to know the IWA, and understand its opportunities. A personalised IWA induction, invitations as Inspirational Speaker during the opening of the International Young Water Professionals Conference, the option of joinning the Emerging Water Leaders Committee meetings and represent IWA YWP community at (IWA) Water related events worldwide are some of the highlights that are part of the IWA Young Leadership Award.
For the Young Leadership Award the following judging criteria apply:
Vision (25%) – The individual works towards contributing to the water sector and sustainable development and sets goals that are beyond him/herself.
Initiative (25%) – The individual has taken initiative and responsibility to contribute to sustainable water management and practices by developing new ideas and or opening new possibilities and opportunities
Motivator (25%) – There is evidence of (voluntary) work/ projects that demonstrates how the individual has motivated (a broad group of) professionals within or beyond the water sector and across disciplines to act towards achieving a common goal and positions the individual as a role model among peers and the wider community.
Impact to water sector (25%) – The individual has made an impact with his/her work to influence the water (related) sector – professionals, practices, solutions
Nomination Process: 
First Round Nominations – 20 April 
First-round submissions will comprise a biography and 500 word motivation on why you think this young water professional needs to win the award.
Top 5 Candidates Selection – 30 April
The judges will assess all submissions and pick the top 5 candidates for full submission.
Second Round Nominations of Top 5 Selected Candidates – 20 May
Requiring a more detailed motivation, along with supporting documentation and images from selected candidates.
Winner will be informed – July
Hand out of Award at World Water Congress – October 2020
The YLA is open to water (related) sector professionals who are 35 years or younger and is open for public nominations*. Nominees can both be members and non-members of the IWA.
*Self-nomination is not allowed.
How to Submit a Nomination
For Round 1:
Nominator needs to prepare the template
Nominator and Nominee – Ensure they are 35 or below
A Motivation (300- max 500 words) – explaining why your nominee should win the award, addressing all judging criteria.
A Biography of the nominee (150 words) – describing the nominee
Go to IWA Awards platform and submit before 20 April 2020
For more information, Visit the official webpage