International Nature Image Festival (FIIN) Biodiversity Short Film Contest 2020 (prize of €4,000)


Applications are open for the International Nature Image Festival (FIIN) Biodiversity Short Film Contest 2020. The main objective of the Short Film contest is to promote the biological natural heritage, namely the natural regions, the ecosystems, the habitats and the species of wild fauna and flora, through the selection and classification of cinematographic works related to this subject.

It also aims to promote cinematography of nature and promote its growth and development, as well as launching the debate and reflection of society on the need to knowing, promoting and conserving the biodiversity and the environment.


  • A prize of € 4,000 (four thousand euros) will be awarded to the Short Film best classified by the Jury of the Contest.


  • Participation in the Short Film Contest is open to all.
  • The following works will be accepted:
    • Cinematographic works like: animations, documentaries, fiction, experimental films and music videos in digital format;
    • Cinematographic works of national and international origin;
    • With a duration of between 5 and 28 minutes;
    • Works that obey the subject and the objectives of the contest.


To participate in the Short Film Contest, an electronic registration must be done, as well as the inclusion of all elements and files requested.

Deadline: July 6, 2020

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